5 Best Instagrams to Follow




I am proud to admit that I am addicted to Instagram. I enjoy playing photographer for a bit and searching for an artsy moment to capture and edit. I also love to scroll through my feed. It is highly entertaining. So here are my five favorite instagram accounts.

1.) The Dogist


This account posts pictures of various dogs around New York City. They will posts a picture of an adorable dog with it’s name and the address where it was found. This is the perfect account for the dog lover to follow. The pictures are all very high quality and interesting. They also post very frequently which is nice.

2. ) Humans of NY


This page posts pictures of the people the owner meets while walking around NYC. He then interviews them and includes an excerpt from the interview as the caption. The people always have something cute/ interesting/ insightful/ funny to say. He really captures the person or persons’ character/ personality well in just a picture and short quote. This is also an account that posts often. There is also a Facebook account.

3.) Patagonia


If your like me and you love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the Patagonia account. Although they don’t post that often, when they do the pictures are thoughtful and quality. Examples include surfing, snow, hiking, zip lining, swimming, and more.  I am always on the hunt for more outdoorsy instagrams to follow. Patagonia does a good job with theirs.

4.) Surfing Magazine 

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 12.27.56 PM

Although I have only surfed a couple of times in my life, I still enjoy looking at pictures of the ocean and of people surfing. I have gotten to know many of the pro surfers such as John John Florence (who is in the picture above), Kelly Slater, and Julian Wilson. This account is really fun to follow. They post cool surfing videos, action shots, and that month’s magazine cover.

5.) New Fork City


This food blog posts pictures of AMAZING food found around NYC. Every single piece of food they post is mouth watering. They also include the restaurant location so you can go eat the food yourself. Fun for foodies who are familiar with NYC and those who aren’t. Best food instagram I have seen yet. Totally worth the follow!

I hope this post helps if your looking for a few Instagram accounts to spice up your feed. Until next time!

xx, Elsie