About Me!

Hi my name is Elsie and I’m 16. I am from a small, farm town and proud of it! I have a lot of hobbies and projects which is what I will mostly be blogging about.

10 Quick Facts about me :

  • I dream big
  • I have an older brother
  • I want to be a doctor when I grow up
  • My favorite┬ácolor is blue
  • I am a member of the volunteer ambulance in my town
  • I am slightly addicted to Netflix (ok more than slightly)
  • My favorite country is Russia. No seriously, I’m obsessed.
  • My favorite subject is History (especially World War II)
  • My favorite animals are sharks
  • I enjoy playing sports, reading, writing, painting, creating, planting, knitting, stitching, mudding, weeding, cleaning, cooking, pottery, baking, running, hiking



Ciao for now!